Like us, you’ve probably noticed that generative AI is causing a productivity revolution. In order for this to be successful, your business needs to adopt domain specific solutions built for your industry, your challenges, and your workflows. 


This is what we’ve built at Aveni. We’ve combined years of Natural Language Processing and Financial Services expertise, to bring you Aveni Detect. It analyses 100% of your customer calls, providing richer insights into risks that matter most to you, enhancing quality assurance processes, and scaling oversight.


Aveni Assist, an AI assistant for financial advisers, generates reports and emails, manages your CRM, briefs your admin team, and speeds up execution time with instant compliance checks.


But how difficult is it to get up and running with this type of ground-breaking tech? Let’s walk through it together.


First look: Exploring Aveni Detect


Discovering your specific challenges and goals


The easiest way to find out what your needs are is to talk about it. We’ll schedule an initial meeting with you to discuss your goals and challenges, and how Aveni’s solutions can offer support to your business. This conversation lets us understand your perspective and gives you a strong idea of where Aveni can help.


How Aveni Detect can work for you: a tailored demo



It can be hard to visualise how a system can work for your specific need without seeing it interact with the data you handle and the challenges you face. We’ll provide a demo that is tailored to your business so that you can see firsthand the true benefit Aveni can offer. 


Take Aveni Detect for a spin: a free trial 


A sample of your call data will be processed through the Aveni Detect platform. This allows you to witness how the platform works with your own data. 


Aveni works hard so you can work smart: reviewing the results


After your free trial, you can evaluate the results. You can see firsthand the true value for your business and how that can be scaled to fit your operations. 


For example, you might discover that if you had 10 assessors monitoring 10% of calls, for the equivalent of 0.5 FTE per month, you can now monitor 100% of your calls with evidence-backed accuracy.




All aboard: the next steps


Onboarding is designed to have a minimum impact on your business. Simple and straightforward, we aim to have your whole team up and running between 1 week to 1 month. You’ll already have a designated point of contact, guiding you through every stage through ongoing usage.


Getting set up boils down to completing the data integration, configuring the process and starting the journey towards automation. Embedding Aveni Detect into your operations doesn’t mean radically changing what you do. The platform supports the work you already do, whilst easing the burden of time consuming tasks and enhancing insight. It’s why the platform is embedded into your specific processes. 

Aveni is there to support you as your needs evolve, to ensure that you’re always delivering value and your latest goals are met. We can scale with you as you soar to new heights, and with our innovative teams working hard alongside you, you’ll be ahead of the ever stretching curve of FS.


From initial inquiry to adoption, we ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, and the intended value is delivered. If you have any questions or need further details,  please reach out to We’re here to help you succeed!