In a perfect world, financial advisers would only spend their time providing personalised financial advice to their clients. But, alas, we’re in the real world, where a good chunk of time is spent on completing repetitive administrative tasks for each advice case. 


There’s a never-ending loop of writing investment reports, populating CRM systems, firing off client follow-ups, completing compliance checks, the list goes on!


Picture this, with these tasks automated, your productivity would skyrocket, giving you the capacity to cater to a larger clientele. You’ll have more time for what truly matters.


We’ve combined years of Natural Language Processing and Financial Services expertise, to bring you Aveni Assist, an AI assistant tailored to the needs of financial advisers. 


It integrates into all major video conferencing platforms and works behind the scenes to write briefing notes, generate post-meeting emails, draft suitability reports, update the client’s CRM record, and complete other admin tasks, cutting admin time from hours to minutes.


But, you might wonder, how hard is it to get started with this cutting-edge tech? Let’s dive into it, step by step:


Dive In: 30-Day Free Trial


Get the full Aveni Assist experience with a 30-day free trial, completely on the house! This gives you a full month to explore its capabilities and see firsthand how it transforms your day-to-day operations. No strings attached, just pure benefits.


Smooth Onboarding 


Transitioning to Aveni Assist is a breeze. Our onboarding process is engineered to be seamless, ensuring it won’t disrupt your process. In a brief session of under 30 minutes, we’ll set you up for success. We’ll walk you through creating your user account and all the essential steps. It’s designed to be intuitive, and we’ll guide you through it all.


Connecting Your Tools: Calendar and Collaboration



Keep an eye out for an email containing your login details. In it, you’ll find a link to grant admin approval to our apps: Calendar Integration and Meeting Assistant. This integration ensures Aveni Assist seamlessly slots right into your existing workflow, enhancing collaboration and ramping up productivity.


Setting Preferences



After approval is granted, you can login to Aveni Assist, choose which meetings you’d like it to attend and get started.  Let’s get this show on the road!


Feedback and Growth: Guided Sessions


Take advantage of our weekly feedback sessions. Here, you’ll have the chance to fine-tune your usage and make the most out of Aveni Assist. Our goal is to help you thrive in your financial advisory practice.


From initial inquiry to adoption, Aveni Assist is committed to delivering value at every turn. If you have any questions or need further details, send us an email at Come be part of the future of financial advisory with Aveni Assist. Let’s redefine productivity together!