We are excited to share that we have won the best AI-driven detection & prevention solution at this year’s 2021 FinTech Awards! 

Hosted by Wealth & Finance in 2021, the FinTech Awards aim to recognise and spotlight individuals, companies, and enterprises across the hugely diverse global FinTech industry who seek to transform the way we manage our finances!

The FinTech industry continues to automate and improve the financial services we use every day, whether that be through increasingly intelligent AI chatbots to inform and guide us, or the advancement of touchless biometric security systems such as facial recognition ensure our digital banking remains safe and secure.

At Aveni, we pride ourselves on our advanced technology that specialises in Natural Language Processing for Financial Services firms. Our team of world-leading scientists and engineers has developed a proprietary NLP pipeline that extracts context from customer conversations. This powers a range of transformative product features, including automated compliance monitoring, the identification of vulnerable customers, and performance management of call centre agents and advisers.

To learn more about what we do, get in touch with our sales team. Contact: sales@aveni.ai 

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