Last week was a busy one for Aveni.

From winning a Scottish Financial Technology award to being a part of two exciting and impactful events with JP Morgan and the langcat, we loved getting out and sharing ideas with so many like-minded colleagues within the Financial Services industry.

Our CEO, Joseph Twigg was representing across both Glasgow and Edinburgh, flying the Aveni flag at the below events:

JP Morgan Innovation Event

The event, held on 4 October 2022, was in collaboration with FinTech Scotland and shined a light on how some Fintech companies, including Aveni, are leveraging new technologies and solutions to create business solutions in the financial services space.  The innovation team were keen to hear about businesses disrupting the financial services space and processes. It was a chance us to discuss how we identified an industry problem, and designed a solution to overcome the challenges, essentially creating Aveni.


After his presentation, Joseph said ‘It was great to have the opportunity to present to JP Morgan’s Innovation Leadership Team alongside 70 fresh-faced engineers and technologists. JP Morgan’s focus on fostering more entrepreneurial spirit within the company is admirable. It’s wonderful to hear from other start-ups and learn from both their successes and challenges as they scale.’

HomeGame 2

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HomeGame 2 #langcatlive
The lang cat hosted Home Game 2 on 5 October , discussing Consumer Duty, technology fragmentation and the fintech sector in Scotland.
Joseph was again one of the panellists in the session focused on scaling start-ups in Scotland. The session was chaired by Fundment’s Ola Abdul and they were joined by fintech providers; Nicola Anderson, CEO FinTech Scotland, Jennifer Ellis, Wellington Wealth and Josif Grace from Legado.
He took the stage to showcase Aveni’s Financial Advice proposition to the audience. He shared insight on transforming financial advice with speech automation.
According to Joseph, ‘The panel is following on from the Business Secretary for Scotland. It’s an avenue to talk through the highs and lows of growing a start-up business within Scotland. We have such a vibrant start-up ecosystem here and opportunities like this to have conversations about where we are right now and where we are headed are golden.’
‘It is a privilege to be given the opportunity by the lang cat to present Aveni’s proposition to over 200 people from across FA and the investment ecosystem. I commend the great effort by Mark Polson and the lang cat team. They organised an incredible event, even after taking a break due to the pandemic. It was the first big event post pandemic for most attendees and the great energy in the room was inspiring. What an exciting time for the industry and I look forward to all there is to come!’

The Scottish Fintech Awards

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Scottish Financial Technology Awards 2022
A great week was topped off by our Scottish Financial Technology Awards 2022  win in the RegTech Innovation category for our Auto QA technology within Consumer Duty.
The awards, organised by Digit and part of FinTech Scotland’s FinTech Festival 2022, are designed to celebrate the development of the Scottish Financial Technology ecosystem.

In his speech, Joseph added, “To actually win the award is testament to a huge team effort. I’m proud to have the chance to give full recognition to our talented and amazing people. They are the heart and soul of Aveni!”

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