Behind the scenes at Aveni first Away Day!

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byHayfa Bukhari

It’s been some time since we last caught up! We’ve been very busy here at Aveni, there’s a lot of exciting things going on. Most exciting of all was the inaugural Aveni team away day and it was a day not to be forgotten! From cartwheeling competitions and navigating the streets of Edinburgh to sharing hidden singing talents. You name it, it happened.


Let’s take you a little behind the scenes of the day.. As you can imagine, the day was very special as we were able to bring most of the team together and finally meet face-to-face.


But before we start, we share the most significant moment. From what you can see, Amy is rocking yellow :P But one of the more obvious things is that there are some major height differences that thanks to home working came as a big surprise! 




So, where do we begin! We started off at the fabulous Kimpton Hotel, located at the west end of Edinburgh where we shared the vision and mission of Aveni.


We also had the opportunity to hear from George Mackintosh as he shared his wisdom with the Aveni team and some key take-aways on how to grow as a company. 


Then after a tasty lunch we started our Urban Adventure! We roamed around the magical streets of Edinburgh, as we competed against one another to find the hidden clues. A huge thanks to Maximillion for helping us setting up for the day and making sure everything runs smoothly. 


We then headed for food and drinks at Tigerlily which was a nice way to relax and unwind for the day. We then decided to be spontaneous and head to cube for some karaoke. This really made the day, we didn’t realise how much talent we had in one room! We went on into the late hours and finished on a high!


We are excited to have opportunities to work together in person again and are looking forward to having many more team days in the future. Here are some pics from the day for you to enjoy :) 





To stay up-to- date with the wonderful Aveni team, find us on Instagram (life@aveni). We share lots of fun stuff! 

If you want to learn more about the executive team, check out our team page

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