3 challenges contact centres face and how technology can help

Contact centres are at the front line of customer service but there are many challenges companies face when providing world-class services. So, what are the top challenges facing contact centres today? And what can be done to solve these issues? There are a number of factors that have an impact on the way in which […]

3 Biggest Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2022

In 2022, we will continue to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) become the most transformative technology humanity has ever created.    The CEO of Google, Sunder Pichai, said that the impact of AI will be greater than even the discovery of electricity. This seems like an ambitious claim but seeing how this technology has already helped […]

Dare to Digitise Webinar – How can technology transform customer vulnerability?

During our very first webinar, we discussed practical ways in which companies can better identify customer vulnerability, understand how it changes over time and what tools businesses can use to leverage insights and data to better service those who are in vulnerable situations to achieve the best outcomes.    We give you a roundup on […]

Man v Machine: Will Human Advisers be Obsolete by 2030?

Many industries’ operating models have been forced to digitise in recent months.  Even sectors that typically resist innovation, understand that they have to adapt quickly or face ruin.  Despite digital transformation initiatives being fast-tracked to the top of the to-do list,  the move to digital is actually nothing new.  Robo-advice, for example, is a well-trodden […]