How Quality Assurance Can Help to Get Your Customer Service Back on Track

When it comes to providing a positive customer experience, quality assurance (QA) is vital to understanding what your customers need, their thoughts and opinions and how to make improvements that build a stronger relationship between you. In the case of a call centre, it’s the duty of QA to improve and maintain the standard of […]

Is your Quality Assurance suffering from an identity crisis?

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, the importance of great customer service can’t be underestimated.  But despite extensive checks and balances, achieving quality assurance outcomes that are meaningful is still a major challenge for regulated industries such as Financial Services and Utilities. Part of the QA conundrum can be traced back to the fact […]

3 ways AI can take your QA processes to the next level!

AI is the hottest trend in transforming efficiency with a number of organisations trailblazing the way when it comes to applying the latest in AI advancements to improve their QA processes. In this blog post, we’re going to explain how it can help your QA processes without coding or maths!   Although still in its […]

10 ways Natural Language Processing (NLP) will change Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made a notable impact on many industries in the last decade. Leveraging advances in computing power has enabled industries such as retail, e-commerce, education and healthcare to improve effectiveness and efficiency in reducing customer churn, improving learning and development and bettering the understanding of customers’ needs. Despite […]

5 ways FS firms can use speech analytics to boost multiple business functions

Ever wondered what the benefits of speech analytics might be in areas of your business other than just risk and compliance? In this post, we’re going to cover how AI-driven speech analytics is currently being used, and more specifically, the impact it can have across multiple business functions, to transform operating models and materially reduce […]