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byHayfa Bukhari

Quality Assurance  transformation at a  leading later life provider


Aveni is working closely with one of the UK’s leading later life providers to completely transform the coverage, speed and accuracy of its call oversight capabilities.



This organisation operates in a particularly vulnerable market with Quality Assurance forming an important part of customer protection.

On a monthly basis, this organisation has over 3000 client interactions and a typical meeting time of c90mins.  There are multiple lines of defence that currently review less than 1% of these interactions to determine a fair outcome for customers.

The existing process relies on random sampling and human assessors listening to the full call in order to carry out a review. This severely limits their ability to increase the coverage of reviews.

Due to the multiple lines of defence reviews were at times inconsistent and uncoordinated across the organisation.



Leveraging Aveni Detect means the multiple lines of defence can now review calls in a consistent manner.

Our risk scoring mechanism ensures high priority calls are flagged early so limited resources are allocated correctly. This functionality is particularly useful for the vulnerability champion to carry out focused reviews.

Our call detail page transformed call assessment by automatically flagging compliance questions and statements, pinpointing exact points of the call with potential risks or events and allowing easy search functionality across a call.

Population-level statistics point to trends and insights assisting management oversight.



Feedback collected from all users via observation sessions was a significantly more efficient review process recording a c65% time saving on average.

More focused users such as the Head of Risk and Vulnerability Manager noted they now have greater visibility across their customers and are equipped with a tool that allows a more strategic approach to emerging trends e.g. Covid 19.

The multiple lines of defence noted better alignment across the organisation and the importance this technology can bring to the future as we unlock value across the operating model.


To learn more, visit Aveni Detect 

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