Aveni Case Study: The Key Group

Quality Assurance  transformation at a  leading later life provider   Aveni is working closely with one of the UK’s leading later life providers to completely transform the coverage, speed and accuracy of its call oversight capabilities.   Problem This organisation operates in a particularly vulnerable market with Quality Assurance forming an important part of customer […]

Aveni’s top 5 articles of 2021

As we start a new year, we wanted to share some of the most popular articles from 2021.  2021 was a busy year to say the least, but from it we gained valuable insight through trends in the market as well as exciting changes within Aveni.    Check out our top 5 most read blogs […]

Top 5 risk and compliance podcasts you should be listening to

Podcasts are all the rage these days. You can just about find any topic of interest and they continue to increase in popularity as a tool to gain more information. The best thing is, all you need is a mobile phone to access them and you’re good to go, giving you content in the palm […]

Is bias a problem in machine learning? 

In all decision-making processes, whether human or machine, bias can result in unfair outcomes. We discuss why this can be a problem for machine learning, and what we can do about it.   Machine Learning: Machine learning (ML) is very good at capturing signals and correlations in data. Deep learning, coupled with substantial data, and lots […]