Celebrating International Woman’s Day 2021

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byHayfa Bukhari

Today, on International Women’s Day, the world is taking a moment to celebrate the work and achievement of women. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Aveni. We’ve grown from strength to strength since we started. Our team has expanded rapidly, and we’re proud to represent people from all backgrounds. 

It is known that women are underrepresented in the fintech world, and to add there still continues to be a gender imbalance in senior roles within the finance sector. At Aveni, we believe in the importance of building a gender-balanced company that will lead to more diversity as it will create more innovative solutions. 

So in honour of today, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the few amazing women in our Aveni team. We hear from Amy, Lexi, Mhairi, Lam, Iria and Hayfa to find out their experience of working in Fintech. They also share some advice to those interested in pursuing a career in this industry.


Tell us what it’s like working in fintech and what advice would you give to those looking to build their careers


Amy – Product Manager 

Finance & tech are both historically male-dominated industries but recent years have seen a spike in females choosing these arenas for their careers and there are plenty of females in leadership and C-suite positions to look up to! While there is still lots of work to be done in balancing gender opportunities, my advice would be to let go of any archaic perceptions you may have discouraging you or holding you back from applying to a course or job of interest – believe in yourself, surround yourself with inspiring people and those that you can learn from but be fully aware of what you bring to the table too and don’t be afraid to be boldly proud of it”.


Mhairi – UX designer

“Working in a fintech startup has been a great experience for me and having a good support system within the team is a big part of that. If I could give advice to other women in Fintech, it would be to encourage the people around you and become a part of communities and teams that want to help you grow. Remember your voice is as valid as any other and try not to apologise for using it!”.


Lexi – Head of Aveni Labs 

“The exciting thing about fintech is that you can have a big impact on the world and on people’s lives. Choosing to learn technical skills and combining them with subjects you are passionate about, can open doors to rewarding and creative careers”.


Lam – Business Analyst 

“ I have worked in the financial sector for the past decade and the transition to Fintech has been quite refreshing. Behind these successful corporations, there are inefficient processes resulting from the complex mishmash of legacy systems. Working in Fintech gives me the opportunity to find innovative solutions to some of these longstanding frustrations, and hopefully will transform the way our clients work, ultimately creating a better service for the public that they serve. 

If you like being thrown into the deep end and trying to solve an array of problems with limited resources under time constraints, go for it! Being outside your comfort zone is the norm but the upside is, there are endless learning opportunities, both on soft and technical skills as the structure is often flatter and everyone just muddles in. You learn to think on your feet and adapt accordingly as your environment can change quickly, not afraid of trying new ideas and failures is a given, under the guise of innovation. Your efforts have a direct impact on the success of the company. Personally, it raises my level of resilience and perseverance. With that kind of responsibility in mind, the right attitude and a big dollop of optimism, it can bring out the best (and occasionally the worst,  I am not going to lie :)) in you. The journey is not for the faint-hearted but the experience and the skills you gain, I believe will give you an edge in the more traditional employment, making you stand out from the crowd”.


Iria – NLP Scientist 

” Technology and AI are clearly areas where males are the majority. I attended an AWS AI event recently and all the speakers were men. There are also lots of stereotypes and unconscious behaviours that are detrimental to women. People sometimes treat you as if you were “fragile” or “in need of protection”. That makes me sad but also very aware of the need to keep working to change that. My advice is to keep working, do your best, make sure your voice is heard and fight every day against stereotypes”. 


Hayfa – Marketing Executive 

“Although I have no prior experience of working in the finance sector, I have been able to dive right in and use my creativity from day one. It’s not necessary to hold a tech degree or have 5+ years of experience in finance,  but instead, show initiative and be flexible and favourable to change.

In a Fintech, no two days are the same but that’s what makes it so exciting. I am constantly taken out of my comfort zone, learning new skills and given more responsibility. I would definitely recommend those who are early in their career to take up an opportunity in this sector. You will see yourself flourish faster by working with a diverse range of people which will help build your interpersonal skills, giving you the ability to effectively take on a management role in the future. 

My career advice would be, don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new”. 


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