Elevate your contact centre efficiency and boost agent performance

Drive automation, uncover fresh insight and deliver actionable outcomes

Improving call centre efficiency, agent performance and retention with the latest advances in NLP and speech technology.

Improve call centre efficiency

Running an efficient call centre isn't easy

Call centres face numerous performance challenges – from the engagement, productivity or turnover of call centre staff to the effectiveness of sales teams or regulatory compliance. Despite these challenges, contact centre professionals’ main aim is to deliver exceptional customer experience. 

One platform multiple opportunities to transform contact centre performance

Aveni Detect employs cutting edge AI in a pipeline of technologies designed to help overcome many of these call centre challenges. It’s one platform, with one approach but presents opportunities to transform performance end-to-end, leveraging the voice of the customer.

spider diagram of challenges aveni detect can overcome to improve contact centre efficiency

AI-driven automation and up to 100% coverage of your customer interactions

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Boost productivity

Cut-down on low value admin and cost to serve through automation. Better manage agent workload and prioritise the tasks that matter most.


Build high-performing teams by aligning multiple metrics to agent interaction, identifying and boosting specific traits of conversational performance.

Understand the risk across every customer interaction.  We don’t just give you dashboard data but real, actionable outcomes and opportunities.

“My team were a little apprehensive at first, wondering what the AI would surface but when we started using it they loved it, it makes for a totally different coaching experience.

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