Aveni Detect

Transform Risk Assurance with intelligent Auto QA

Comprehensive risk oversight, enhanced QA efficiency and a better understanding of your agents and customers

Combining the latest in machine learning with human intelligence to
analyse every customer interaction

Aveni Detect acts as your ‘Machine Line of Defence’, to systematically identify and understand risks that matter to you. In addition to effective preventative control and richer data analytics, we help companies achieve greater productivity, oversight, agent performance and revenue growth, making QA processes significantly faster and scaling oversight from 1% to 100%.

The managment information you need, at a glance

Comprehensive oversight of the risks that matter to you

Quickly access the executive-level information you need to get a clear understanding of the business risks that matter to you. Uncover the reasons behind complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction, get deeper insights into customer vulnerability, and understand the factors that affect team performance. 

Risk assessment dashboard
Automatic quality assurance

Intelligent Auto QA

Streamlined QA processes for elevated productivity

Significantly improve QA efficiency with automatic machine assessment and triage of your highest risk interactions. It means your human assessors can focus on the highest priority calls for faster remedial action.

Elite performance

Empower your team and create engaging coaching experiences

Dramatically improve agent performance and identify specific traits of conversational excellence.  Compare interactions against best practice and company tone to empower reps to view and learn as they go, from a personalised dashboard.

Agent performance review

Driving QA efficiency with NLP-powered innovation

How leading equity release firm Age Partnership transformed efficiency, coverage and complaince with Aveni Detect. 

From 1% 
to 100%

A level of insight and automation to transform your business

High call volume often exceeds the ability to manually review any meaningful proportion of them.  Typically, companies analyse just 1% of calls resulting in insights from the remaining 99% being lost.  With Aveni Detect, you can monitor every customer interaction to not just meet compliance requirements, but to drive improvements across your business, straight from the voice of the customer.

Next level efficiency whilst drawing on every customer interaction

“A QA process that used to take 90 minutes per case, now takes 15 minutes using Aveni Detect”

We introduce AI-driven automation at all stages of the QA workflow, significantly reducing the time taken for each assessment whilst ensuring that effort is spent on the highest value interactions.

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Continuous learning.

Limitless improvement.

Thanks to in-built supervised learning, every interaction with our platform leads to continuous improvement.  The more you use it, the better it gets.  The earlier you implement it, the faster you’ll see benefits and gain the edge in a competitive market.

Why Aveni Detect?

Bespoke Solution icon

Tailored AI for smarter quality assurance outcomes

High Performing Teams icon

Boost monitoring efficiency through automation

Client Insights icon

Deeper insight into your clients and customer service representatives

Gold Script Comparison icon

Improve agent performance

Monitoring Efficiency icon

Faster, accurate identification of conduct, complaints and vulnerability risks

Raise Compliance icon

Raise your compliance game and ensure you meet Consumer Duty requirements

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