Aveni works at the forefront of innovation in AI and Natural Language Processing

Our platform lets you analyse every customer interaction to power business improvements

How it works

Our platform is designed to be the central nervous system of your organisation

Aveni monitors and analyses all your customer interactions enabling deeper data insights, comprehensive risk oversight and process automation. Here's how it works:

Capture customer interactions
Monitor analyse and understand data
Delivery insight
Building Together

Want to learn more about how our NLP platform can transform your business?

Continuous learning. Limitless improvement.

The adoption of data-driven technologies will determine the success or failure of businesses

Thanks to in-built supervised learning, every interaction with our platform leads to continuous improvement.  The more you use it, the better it gets.  The earlier you implement it, the faster you’ll see benefits and gain the edge in a competitive market.

Data Security

Security that gives you peace of mind

Security is our top priority when it comes to handling sensitive customer data and we know it’s yours too. We place data security at the centre of everything we do. We ensure it is configured to your requirements and that it meets the standards of your existing infrastructure.

Fusing world-leading NLP expertise with engineering excellence

Work with pioneers in the field of Natural Language Processing

We operate at the forefront of research and development in AI and NLP, championing its transformative potential of real-world application. Our experts work with you to configure our NLP platform, training it with your data to meet your specific needs.

Lexi Birch and Barry Haddow

Confused about NLP, Machine Learning and AI? Get some clarity over on our resources page.

Frequently asked questions

How is Aveni different ?

We focus on your challenges and how to solve them and have the expertise to create a tailored solution for your business needs. Aveni is the only speech-driven solution on the market that focuses exclusively on machine automation of the QA process using company-specific QA forms and terminology to ensure the proposition is tailored to specific risk and compliance requirements.

I already have a solution, why do I need you?

Typical speech analytics solutions offer largely out-of-the box, global and industry agnostic insights which can result in a low ROI. We believe in working with you to solve real problems that drive tangible action and return for your business. Our models are trained on your data and we have specific Financial Services and Utilities domain expertise meaning you get more value and greater accuracy.

How do I measure the ROI of Aveni Detect?

Aveni Detect will deliver ROI from day one by making your Quality Assurance and coaching significantly more efficient with machine-driven topic and insight identification. User feedback to date has validated a c75% time saving on call assessments.  This ROI will only get higher over time with supervised learning.  

How easy is it to integrate with?

Our technology has been built with seamless integration in mind. We employ open architecture within our platform, meaning we can interface with call systems and CRMs. Integration also works both ways so all of Aveni Detect’s insights can be consumed by in-house business analytics solutions.

With Aveni you  can...

Bespoke Solution icon

Analyse 100% of your customer interactions

Our platform can analyse everything from voice calls, chat and video conferencing to emails and social communications.

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Achieve cross functional insight

Connect data from multiple sources such as customer, product, business process, external to drive unique insight.

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Gain deeper understanding

We use cutting-edge NLP techniques aligned in customised pipelines to understand context and drive automation.

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Leverage intuitive user interfaces

Surface insights in a workflow designed for your process. Embed QA, compliance and coaching processes in the Aveni platform.

Monitoring Efficiency icon

Drive company-wide business improvement

Insights and output from our platform can be used to drive actionable outcomes across multiple business functions including product, customer experience, sales, QA and many more.

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Streamline your processes

Connect directly to your ecosystem to stream outputs directly into your business reporting processes.

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