Careers at Aveni

Graduate NLP Engineer – Edinburgh or London

Location: Remote

Category: Engineering

Type: Permanent Full-Time


Aveni is an Edinburgh based, award-winning technology start-up with deep expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP). We've strong links to the University of Edinburgh and are deploying the latest research in conversational analytics to applications in the Financial Services Industry. Our 'Human+' approach combines a unique pipeline of speech technology and NLP to transform client engagement across the service industry. We're partnering with some of the UK's most important banks and financial services providers and there is tremendous potential for growth and scope in the work that we do.

This is a great opportunity to work at the cutting edge of Natural Language Processing and software development alongside leading talent in the field. 


What's the opportunity about?

We are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced NLP Engineer who is keen to shape an exciting project with huge commercial potential. The successful candidate will define problems in analysing human conversations and develop strategies for data collection, modelling and evaluation. You'll be working closely with other AI researchers, data analysts, software engineers, product managers developing truly disruptive products that are changing the way the world communicates.


You'll help create understanding by...

  • Working closely with Business Analysts and customers to define tasks and data requirements.
  • Collecting, organising and processing customer data so that it can be used to drive machine learning related product development
  • Develop deep learning models for spoken and written language understanding.
  • Develop end-to-end conversational AI for troubleshooting and diagnosing customer problems.
  • Build and operate production systems that incorporate your own and others' research.
  • Work with product and engineering teams to add value to Consumer and B2B offerings.
  • Deeply understand how your systems behave and use that understanding to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible.
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Essential Criteria

  • Master’s degree or PhD in Computer Science or a related technical discipline, or significant relevant industry experience.
  • Experience working with NLP techniques such as NER, Entity Linking, language embeddings.
  • Experience using machine learning libraries in production e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch.

Desirable Criteria

  • Familiarity with language modelling tools such as spaCy, NLTK, Stanford NLP.
  • Familiarity with conversational dialogue frameworks e.g. Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Rasa. 
  • Knowledge of ASR and of working with spoken language data
  • Experience with cloud computing, eg AWS or Azure and Node.js
  • Experience with Agile software development methodologies


To find out more about this opportunity, or to apply, send your CV to