Aveni / intelliflo partnership

Cut client admin from hours to minutes with an intelliflo office integrated AI assistant

intelliflo office integrated GPT-powered assistant to make advice smarter, simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Improve customer experience
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Aveni Assist sits on every client meeting, using the relevant information to automate admin within intelliflo office. This means you have more time to do what matters: getting the best financial outcomes for your clients.

Automate admin

Cut admin from hours to minutes

Aveni’s intelliflo-integrated AI platform helps you achieve unprecedented productivity by automatically creating detailed meeting summaries, writing your investment reports, briefing your admin assistants and creating tailored customer emails within minutes of finishing a call.

Record the way that suits you

Flexible recording options

Record in-person meetings from your laptop or phone or simply invite our bot to your Teams, Zoom or Webex calls. You can also manually upload calls giving you complete call coverage.

Free-up time

Effortless post-meeting summaries

Within minutes of your call ending, Aveni Assist automatically generates a comprehensive summary, intelligently designed for different meeting types from introductory meetings and new client fact find, to presentation and annual review.

Improve customer experience
Suitability report generation


Automatically craft suitability reports

Aveni Assist takes care of crafting professional suitability reports tailored to your company’s style and tone.


Personalised client emails

Streamline communications by creating personalised emails for your clients in seconds.

Generative AI Traceability

Transparent & Reliable AI

Traceability for reliability

Understand where Aveni Assist information has come from with transparent and direct referencing back to the original call transcript.

Your Aveni Assist options

Aveni works closely with its partners who require a more tailored solution so you get the most value for your business.  But whether out-of-the-box or customised, everyone starts by heading to the intelliflo store and activating the Aveni app.   


Join an exclusive community of early adopters that’ll help shape the future of Assist whilst accessing custom reports, direct collaboration, priority support, and an embedded seat at the product development table.

Aveni intelliflo office integration

I have to say how impressed I am with Aveni Assist – not just the report outputs but also the CRM element and in particular the summary panel. This will be incredibly helpful for my advisers.

UK Financial Advice firm

They’re an exceptionally knowledgeable team with a can-do attitude which is invaluable when deploying tech solutions of this nature.

Age Partnership

The team at Aveni are a pleasure to work with. The enthusiasm for their software is infectious.

Key Group

Your IO-integrated AI productivity partner


Quick and easy set-up

Getting set-up and started with Aveni Assist is quick and easy and can be done within the hour via the intelliflo store.


Purpose-built for financial advice

An AI assistant tailored to the unique needs of financial advisors. Trained on FS data and purpose-built to streamline advice workflows.


Seamlessly integrated

Our integrations with MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom means quick and easy set-up, so your advisers can access powerful AI-assistance fast.


Human+ approach

We believe in wrapping AI around advisers to enhance performance, not replacing them.


Security is our priority

Data security is at the heart of our business operation. We’re trusted with the data of some of the largest firms in the UK.


NLP expertise + FS experience

Aveni’s management team has decades of FS experience. We understand the challenges inherent in these businesses and target our solutions to solve them.

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Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes with Aveni’s AI assisitant

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