How it works

Advanced AI to enable scalable efficiency for financial services companies

We combine world-leading NLP expertise with deep FS domain experience to drive enterprise-wide productivity.

How it works...

Aveni accompanies you on every call to record, transcribe and analyse conversations. Our platform delivers voice-driven automation, comprehensive risk oversight and actionable insights to help you make better business decisions.


90 min QA assessment in 15 mins


100% QA coverage


3 hours of client admin in 30 minutes

Financial Services' most powerful AI models to drive enterprise-wide productivity


AI designed for UK 
Financial services

Our platform is designed for the financial service industry. It’s trained on sector-specific data and purpose built to accelerate the workflows of FS businesses.


World leaders
in the field

Aveni's scientists and engineers are world-leading NLP experts and consistently ranked in the top 100 NLP Engineers globally.


NLP expertise + FS industry experience

With decades of experience from Executive positions across FS, our team understands the challenges of the industry and provides targeted solutions to combat them.


Human + approach

We use AI to enable your people to perform better, not replace them, That means automating low value tasks and focusing on high value activity.


Security as a priority

Data security is at the heart of our operations. Entrusted with data from major UK firms, we ensure that vital data protection protocols are in place.


Trust us to get it done

We’re trusted by leading financial services organisations, helping them realise significant efficiencies through our core products Aveni Detect and Aveni Assist.

Case Study:
Age Partnership

Discover how Aveni Detect is transforming the Quality Assurance monitoring capabilities of one of the UK’s leading equity release advisory firms.

Tell us what you're interested in and we'll show you how we can help

I want to cost effectively scale compliance

100% Compliance at a fraction of the cost with intelligent Auto QA.

I'm interest in boosting adviser productivity

Cut admin from hours to minutes with a GPT powered assistant build for financial advisers.

World-leading NLP expertise combined with engineering excellence

Our world-leading NLP scientists and engineers rank among the top 100 NLP Engineers globally. With experience building at scale, secure, data-driven solutions for McLaren, IBM and BAE Systems, we bring unparalleled expertise to Financial Services.


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Aveni’s platform uses the latest in NLP to transform productivity and risk oversight.

Scale compliance at a fraction of the cost

Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes with Aveni’s AI assisitant

Aveni Assist

Get up and running with Aveni Assist and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

Aveni Detect

Get up and running with Aveni Detect and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

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