Only getting value from 1% of your customer interactions?

We unlock the remaining 99%

NLP solutions to help you reach new levels of risk oversight, automation and data insight.

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An introduction to ChatGPT in Financial Services and its capabilities

Look beyond the hype of ChatGPT.  Learn more about this technology and how it can help you deliver scalability, operational efficiency, and service levels completely out of reach of traditional operating models.  

Powering automation and insight direct from voice

We use cutting-edge AI to analyse your conversational data. We don’t just help you understand your customers and agents better, but provide you with actionable insight to inform business decisions, as well as automate processes for greater efficiency.

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Consumer Duty: The Chief Risk Officer Survey Results

Insider knowledge of the priorities +80 Senior Risk & Compliance executives are focussed on to meet Consumer Duty regulations.

A new era of risk assurance for financial services

Take coverage from 1% to 100%

We fuse state-of-the-art machine learning with human intelligence enabling financial services companies to put data-driven technologies at the heart of their customer strategy and achieve the risk oversight they need under stricter regulatory supervision. 

Case Study

Find out how a leading UK bank transformed coverage, efficiency and accuracy of its risk monitoring using Aveni Detect.

With Aveni you can...

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Transform risk oversight

Achieve 100% coverage, mitigate multiple risks and take faster remedial action with a Machine Line of Defence.

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Enhance productivity

Automate manual processes and focus assessor activity on the highest risk interactions with Auto QA.

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Gain deeper insights

Understand your customers and agents better to drive product and service development, customer satisfaction and coaching opportunities.

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Drive performance

Build higher performing teams by analysing agent interactions and identifying and boosting specific traits of conversational excellence.

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Access world-class expertise

World-leading AI expertise and engineering excellence at your fingertips ready to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Build-for-purpose for your industry

Our platform is trained on words and phrases specific to the financial services industry, enhanced by your company-specific terminology.

“The team at Aveni are a pleasure to work with. The enthusiasm for their software is infectious. I’m excited to explore the AI and NLP technology and how it can enhance our customer insight and adviser performance, whilst delivering remarkable time savings in our Quality Assurance teams.”

Collaborate to innovate

Use the latest in NLP innovation to drive human potential

Our platform has the power to transform any area of your business where you speak to customers. Come and talk to us about what you need and we can build it together.   

Build Beautiful

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AI’ll Take Your Job

Join Joseph Twigg and Jamie Hunter, the dynamic duo of financial services and AI, as they unleash their wit and wisdom on the game-changing influence of recent AI development on the industry.  

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An Introduction to ChatGPT in Financial Advice

Our CEO Joseph Twigg was joined by Iria Del Rio, our lead NLP engineer to talk about the explosive rise of ChatGPT and other large language models, what got us here and what this...

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Beyond the basics: Debunking common QA assumptions in financial services

Quality assurance (QA) is a critical business function, ensuring that products and services are compliant with regulation and meet customer needs. However, there are some common assumptions about QA within the financial services industry...