Financial Services only make use of 1% of their client conversations.

We unlock the remaining 99%.

Aveni powers automation and insight direct from the voice of your customers.

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Download our latest whitepaper

We’ve embedded the FCA’s guidance on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers into our NLP platform.  Read our latest whitepaper to find out how you can drive down the cost of your QA team and increase coverage via machine-driven assessment and automation.

What we do

At Aveni, we use cutting-edge AI to analyse your conversational data.  We don’t just help you understand your clients and agents better but use speech analytics to provide actionable outcomes and automate processes for greater efficiency.

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“It has been a pleasure working with the team at Aveni, their enthusiasm for their software is infectious. I am excited to explore the AI and NLP technology and how it can enhance our customer insight and adviser performance, whilst delivering remarkable time savings in our Quality Assurance teams.”

Amy Aitkins, Project manager, Key Group

Aveni Detect

Turn 1% of your analysed client calls 
into 100%

Totally transform risk monitoring with automation, and gain deeper understanding of your clients and agent performance.  Generate actionable outcomes directly from the voice of your customers.

Aveni Detect dashboard
Aveni Detect dashboard

Risk Monitoring

We remove the heavy lifting from analysis

Quickly identify customer vulnerability, the conduct and competency of agents and advisers, complaints and financial crime.   We use the latest in voice analytics to help you understand why it’s a risk and provide you with the next best action either post-call or live.

Agent Performance

Boost performance through voice-driven insights

Build the best teams by better understanding what agent excellence looks like.  Empower both agents and management with deeper insights into conversational performance.

Agent performance
Aveni Real Time

Real Time

Introduce a digital assistant to your client calls

Change the game with live monitoring and support your agents in real time by moving from second line control to AI-driven detection and prevention at the point of sale or service.

Let’s build something extraordinary

Using the latest in NLP innovation to drive human potential

The benefits of NLP don’t stop at risk monitoring and agent performance, it has the power to transform any area of your business where you speak to customers.   Come and talk to us about what you need and we can build it together.   

Build Beautiful

With Aveni you can...

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Boost productivity

Cut-down on low value admin and cost to serve through automation. Better manage agent workload and prioritise the tasks that matter most.

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Access world-class expertise

We fuse world-class AI expertise with engineering excellence to develop tailor-made solutions that work for you.

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Drive performance

Build high-performing teams by aligning multiple metrics to agent interaction, identifying and boosting specific traits of conversational performance.

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Gain insight

We don’t just give you dashboard data. We’ll give you real, actionable outcomes, identify opportunities and pinpoint reasons behind behaviour.

Industry Specific icon

Get an industry-specific solution

We’ve trained our solution on words and phrases used within Financial Services. That means we’re not just exceptionally accurate, but our outputs are highly tailored to your industry.

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Tailored to your needs and data

Work with us at the vanguard of NLP to develop and build a tailor-made solution that fully achieves your specific goals.

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