Powering Consumer Duty compliance with a Machine Line of Defence™

Meet Consumer Duty requirements and better recognise, record and respond to vulnerable customers


Consumer Duty: The Chief Risk Officer Survey Results

Find out from +80 Senior Risk & Compliance Executives what their Consumer Duty priorities and plans are and how your stack up. 

Auto QA

Auto QA assessment Human-informed automation at its best 

Aveni is the only speech-driven solution on the market that focuses exclusively on machine automation of the QA process using your company’s specific QA forms and terminology. Auto QA of all your customer interactions means you can meet Consumer Duty requirements, increase coverage, boost efficiency, enhance executive oversight, improve complaints handling and much more.

Automatic machine assessment of every customer interaction

As regulation becomes more data-driven, our AI-driven ‘Machine Line of Defence’ lets you identify risks and get a true understanding of your customers and their outcomes.

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Powering insight and efficiency across the board

To meet Consumer Duty, firms will need better ways to draw insights from customer and agent data, especially at board level. Aveni Detect surfaces not just insights across all interactions, but offers actionable outcomes that impact multiple areas of a business, effectively becoming the ‘Central Nervous System’ of your customer operations. 

We've embedded the FCA’s guidance on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers into our platform

Identifying vulnerable customers

Accurate and automated identification of vulnerable customers. Better understand how your vulnerable customers are treated from a population level.

Understand vulnerable customers’ needs

Get a deeper understanding of all your customer vulnerability needs across all interactions and use insight to drive product and service development.

Up-skill agents to identify and serve vulnerable customers

Train staff to better manage vulnerability.  Create a live feedback loop between performance and training to drive more engaging coaching opportunities. 

Continuous and consistent fair treatment

Achieving consistency with large customer teams is challenging.  With accurate oversight of all vulnerabilities you can identify and address any shortfalls in customer treatment. 

Demonstrating you’re monitoring and analysing the data

Gain insight across populations to test high interest calls and assess appropriate handling. Identify trends, ensure a rapid response to vulnerability issues and have evidence in place for the regulator.

Real time measures to ensure fair treatment

We can flag to agents, in-call, where vulnerabilities emerge, and to supervisors when critical issues are discussed. This represents a fundamental shift from second line detection, to first line prevention. 

Risk assessment dashboard

Use Aveni's Machine Line of Defence to understand gaps in your MI

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Consumer Duty of Care report
Consumer Duty: Why turning to technology is the only way to meet obligations

The tools and technologies firms can implement to meet the FCA’s  Consumer Duty requirements.

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