Consumer Duty: three months down, a long way to go

  We know that FCA’s Consumer Duty is a marathon, not a sprint. As FCA’s Director of Cross Cutting Policy & Strategy Nisha Arora reminded us recently, “The Consumer Duty is not one and done.”   The purpose of Consumer Duty is to bring improved customer service and to ensure that consumers are receiving value […]

Aveni prepares the first Consumer Duty Board report template for Financial Services

Consumer Duty Board Report Template

Navigate the uncertainties of Consumer Duty with our free Consumer Duty Board Report Template.   We all know that the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Duty regulations are now in effect. But two months down the line, are the regulations being implemented? How are we measuring the outcomes?   To answer that, let’s refresh ourselves […]

Aveni launches Consumer Duty Board Report to demonstrate data compliance

Consumer Duty Board report template

Aveni has launched its Consumer Duty Board Report to provide Board members with the assurance that data requirements are being met. The demands of data-first supervision and the expectations of quality and risk assurance which Consumer Duty mandates, places far greater responsibility on the Board and Aveni has designed this template to address that.  The […]

A-Z Journey of Adopting Aveni Detect

Like us, you’ve probably noticed that generative AI is causing a productivity revolution. In order for this to be successful, your business needs to adopt domain specific solutions built for your industry, your challenges, and your workflows.    This is what we’ve built at Aveni. We’ve combined years of Natural Language Processing and Financial Services […]

 Aveni commits as member of Consumer Duty Alliance

We are excited to announce our membership of the Consumer Duty Alliance. Since our inception in 2018, we have been developing solutions utilising AI technology and incorporating the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help the financial services market better meet regulatory requirements.    With the introduction of Consumer Duty and the data-first […]

Aveni partners with Delta Capita to power their Consumer Duty offering

Aveni has partnered with Delta Capita, a leading global capital markets consulting, managed services and technology provider, to advance their Consumer Duty offering by providing their clients with access to our cutting edge AI technology solutions.   Delta Capita currently offers tailored Consumer Duty consulting services, including readiness health checks, vulnerability policy and framework development, […]