Aveni Assist

Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes

Making financial advice smarter, simpler, and more efficient than ever before with GPT4.

AdviserGPT productivity automation for financial advice

Completely transform the way you work
with an AI-assistant built exclusively for financial advisers

Utilising the latest in Generative AI, Aveni Assist accompanies you on every call. It works behind the scenes to gather information to write your investment reports, administer your CRM system, brief your admin assistants, create follow-up customer emails and speed up time to execution with instant compliance checks.

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Cut hours of admin to a matter of minutes

The productivity revolution starts here.

Aveni Assist is simple and easy to set-up achieving total productivity transformation. Reimagine the way you work with auto-generated  post-meeting CRM, tailored client emails and financial plans, all with the client at the centre. 

ChatGPT traceability
Aveni Assist AI-powered financial adviser assistant

State-of-the-art AI without the hassle

The benefits of GPT4 without the need for an IT expert

Aveni Assist’s integration with MS Teams, Google Meet and Zoom means quick and easy set-up, so your advisers can access invaluable AI-assistance within an hour. 

Be better prepared

Have Aveni Assist auto-generate a pre-meeting briefing note so you have critical information to hand when you need it. Aveni Assist collates information from every part of the call, structuring and presenting it by pre-defined themes so you can see the most useful information at a glance.   

Aveni Assist post-meeting briefing note

Improve client outcomes

Spend better quality time with your clients

Ensure your advisers aren’t distracted by note-taking, and instead are fully engaged with their clients, working to achieve best possible outcomes.  

Traceability for reliability

Aveni Assist is trained with financial services and FCA-specific regulatory data. It means you can rest easy knowing the outputs derived from our AI systems are completely traceable and compliant, ensuring reliability and accuracy for your advisers and clients.  

ChatGPT traceability

The risks of implementing ChatGPT in Financial Services 

An introduction to Large language Models such as ChatGPT and Bard, exploring the critical risks of implementing them in a highly regulated industry like financial services.

Cut hours of admin to a matter of minutes

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Why Aveni Assist?


Built for financial advisers and the advice workflow


Trained on UK financial services data and FCA regulatory information

integration (1)

Simple and easy to set-up with Teams and Zoom integrations


World-leading NLP expertise combined with deep Financial Services experience


Transforms adviser productivity so they can spend more time with clients


Aveni Assist outputs are completely traceable ensuring reliability and peace of mind

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