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We pride ourselves on our varied perspectives and work together, openly and honestly.  We are technologically driven to make a positive impact on the financial service industry.

We wrap technology around human interaction, allowing us to focus on what we’re good at, building relationships, being human.

Our People

At Aveni, people are at the heart of everything we do. We acknowledge our differences and use them to our advantage.  We know the importance of creating an environment where we can share ideas freely to best serve our clients.

Our Values

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We’re not afraid to think differently. We experiment and are here to change the status quo. We’re open to change and aren’t afraid to fail, because we know it will help us grow.

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We’re a welcoming bunch with a pool of talent. We continuously celebrate, encourage and support one another. This fuels innovation and brings us closer to the customers and communities we serve.

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We’re hungry and eager to learn. We love to solve problems and explore new challenges. We strive to improve ourselves and the products we offer.​

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Our skills and expertise are shared throughout and we offer a hand when needed. We work hard to create a culture that encourages you to take risks and aim to spread positivity all round.

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Job Listings

At Aveni, we believe the best way to build products/services is by building the most diverse team possible. Please note, Aveni does not accept agency CVs. Please do not forward CVs to our recruiters or employees.

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Aveni Life

It’s inspiring, energetic and always evolving! At Aveni we help you achieve your goals in a fast-paced environment, giving you the opportunity to continuously grow.

Robbie - Business Analyst
I love the idea of being able to look back and say I played a part in some of the early decisions which helped the company eventually grow from a simple startup to an industry leader.
Robbie, Business Analyst
I’ve been able to learn so much more in a short space of time. Also, the smaller size of the company allows me to have more autonomy to experiment with new ideas and challenge current situations.
Hayfa, Marketing Executive
Working in startups allows you the opportunity to wear many hats which gives you the luxury of experiencing all aspects of the business. It’s a great way to start your career as it helps you to determine pretty quickly what you enjoy doing.
Amy, Product Manager
Sara Lam - Business Analyst - Aveni
Working in Fintech gives me the opportunity to find innovative solutions to some of these longstanding frustrations, and hopefully will transform the way our clients work, ultimately creating a better service for the public that they serve.
Sara, Business Analyst
Nikolai - NLP Engineer
I love everything about NLP. So, when I came across Aveni, their product instantly piqued my interest. What sealed the deal, however, were the conversations I had with the team during the recruitment process. I knew that not only does the company have a clear passion towards their product, but that they also have the knowledge and skills to make their vision come true.
Nikolai, NLP Engineer
Jamie Hunter - Aveni
Startup life definitely has its ups and downs! As cliche as it may be though, the variety and impact your decisions have is definitely what I enjoy most. There is no hiding so everyone has to work together to ensure we are moving forward which is a refreshing change from a life in big corporates.
Jamie, Chief Operating Officer

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