Spearheading a productivity revolution in Financial Services

Building transparent, explainable, and reliable AI solutions by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Aveni harnesses the power of voice to drive unprecedented efficiency and oversight. We’re using the latest in AI to automate and innovate, empowering businesses to achieve exceptional productivity and compliance outcomes.

Our Vision

Your human expertise enhanced with industry AI.

Our Mission

3x efficiency. Same quality. Same human touch.


Egg-cellent beginnings

Aveni was the brainchild of financial services luminary Joseph Twigg and world-leading NLP expert Dr Lexi Birch. Their genius birthed Aveni’s humble beginnings under the alias “Hatch.ai.”

Cracking into the biz

Hatch jumped from success to success, including winning Scottish Edge, claiming bronze in the Times Future of Fintech showdown, and joining the RBS accelerator.


Hatching into Aveni

In 2020, we transformed from Hatch into Aveni! Channelling our platform’s powers towards risk-spotting, boosting adviser performance, and automagically turning customer voices into QA gold. We gained a cool £1m in funding, were handpicked as one of Beauhurst’s Top 15 start-ups in the UK, and got invited to join the Technation and RBS scale-up parties.

Scale like you mean it

This year, we unleashed our ambitions and took what we had done to a whole new level. We focused on Aveni Detect distribution to financial services companies all over the UK, while simultaneously bagging some significant new partnerships.


Innovate. Accelerate.

A £2.75M funding injection supported building robust Auto QA and integration with vendors like Genesys for growing Consumer Duty requirements. We continued innovating across advice, equity release, credit and debt and were recognised with the Scottish FinTech Award.

Aveni's productivity revolution

GPT proved a total game changer and we capitalised on our existing NPL, LLM expertise to launch our flagship solution: Aveni Assist. 2023 has been all about sparking a new era of productivity for the FS industry.


World leading NLP expertise combined with engineering excellence

Our team of scientists and engineers are regarded as world-leading NLP experts and are consistently ranked in the top 100 NLP Engineers globally.  Aveni’s management team also has decades of experience working in Senior Management positions across financial services.

This empowers us to offer next-generation solutions that set a new standard for our industry.

Join the team

At Aveni, we know that it’s human integrity and ingenuity that makes the difference. Our diversity and creativity, open and honest communication, drives us to the forefront of our industry.

Interested in coming along for the ride?

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