Achieve fairer treatment for all customers

Improve the identification and treatment of vulnerable customers and gain deeper agent insight with the latest in speech analytics technology.

Customer vulnerability report

Whitepaper: How firms can ensure the fair treatment of vulnerable customers.

78% of advisers say they find it hard to identify a vulnerable customer.

Let's change that.

We've embedded the FCA’s guidance on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers into our platform

Identification of a vulnerable customer

We analyse interactions leading to an accurate and automated method of identifying vulnerable customers. Understand, from a population level, how all vulnerable customers are treated.

Understanding vulnerable customers’ needs

Aveni Detect gives you a deeper, richer understanding of all your customer vulnerability and associated needs across 100% of interactions. This provides invaluable insight to product and service development.

Ensuring agents have the right skills to identify and serve vulnerable customers

Train staff to better manage vulnerability.  Create a live feedback loop between identifying vulnerability and agent performance when dealing with your customers. 

Continuously and consistently treating customers fairly

Achieving consistency with large customer teams is challenging.  By having a view of 100% of vulnerabilities you can surface and address any differences in customer treatment. 

Demonstrating you’re monitoring and analysing the data

Gain insight across populations to test calls of high interest and assess whether the’ve been handled appropriately. Direct resource to trends that emerge from the data, ensuring a rapid response to vulnerability issues.

Real time measures to ensure fair treatment

We can flag to agents, in-call, where vulnerabilities emerge and to supervisors when critical issues are discussed. This represents a fundamental shift from second line detection to first line prevention. 

Transform the way you identify and treat your vulnerable customers

Aveni Quality Assurance dashboard highlighting interesting parts of a contact centre call

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