Aveni Detect

6x faster QA assessment and improved agent coaching direct from customer voice.

Transform quality assurance through automation and improve agent and customer understanding to drive better outcomes.

Aveni Detect uses groundbreaking Natural Language Processing (NLP) to
analyse 100% of your customer interactions.

We'll help you boost monitoring efficiency and agent performance whilst ensuring every customer is fairly treated. Our quality assurance and risk monitoring technology uses the latest in voice analytics and speech to text transcription to ensure you achieve your efficiency, productivity and coaching goals.

Not just a pretty face

Get more from your customer conversations than just a good-looking dashboard

Identifying customer vulnerability, the conduct and competency of customer service representatives, complaints and financial crime comes as standard.  Our risk monitoring platform doesn’t just flag risks, we rapidly assess high risk interactions, highlight the exact point in the call you need to look at and provide you with the next best action.

Navigate to points of interest in the call
Agent performance

Elite performance

Boost performance and empower your team

Dramatically improve customer service representative performance by aligning multiple metrics to their interactions, identifying specific traits of conversational excellence.  By comparing conversations against best practice and company tone, it empowers reps to view and learn as they go from a personalised dashboard.  

From 1% 
to 100%

Strap yourself in for a level of insight and automation that will totally transform your business

The sheer volume of calls financial services firms take exceeds the ability to manually review any meaningful proportion of them.  Typically, companies analyse just 1% of calls resulting in insights from the remaining 99% being lost.  With Aveni Detect, you can monitor 100% of conversations using the latest in speech analytics tailored to your industry for unrivalled accuracy.

Realise 6x efficiency gains
in your QA process whilst drawing on

100% of your customer interactions

"A QA process that used to take 90 minutes per case, now takes 15 minutes using Aveni Detect"

We introduce AI-driven automation at all stages of the QA workflow, significantly reducing the time taken for each assessment whilst ensuring that effort is spent on the highest value interactions.

Continuous learning.

Limitless improvement.

Thanks to in-built supervised learning, every interaction with our platform leads to continuous improvement.  The more you use it, the better it gets.  The earlier you implement it, the faster you’ll see benefits and gain the edge in a competitive market.

Why Aveni Detect?

Bespoke Solution icon

Tailored AI for smarter quality assurance outcomes

High Performing Teams icon

Boost monitoring efficiency through automation

Client Insights icon

Deeper insight into your clients and customer service representatives

Gold Script Comparison icon

Improve customer service representatives' performance

Monitoring Efficiency icon

Faster, more accurate identification of risk and vulnerabilities

Raise Compliance icon

Raise your compliance game and ensure you meet consumer duty of care requirements

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