Aveni Detect

Machine-driven risk assessment direct from the voice of your customer.

Transform risk monitoring by moving assessment from second line to the point of sale or service.  Aveni Detect uses groundbreaking Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse 100% of your customer interactions. Identifying customer vulnerability, the conduct and competency of agents and advisers, complaints and financial crime. 

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Boost risk monitoring efficiency whilst 

ensuring every customer is treated fairly

Companies typically assess less than 1% of customer interactions. With Aveni Detect, we can turn that into 100%.

Our monitoring platform enables rapid assessment of high risk interactions that we think you should take a closer look at.  It explains the risks we’ve found in the call, allowing your assessors to review them quickly.

With Aveni Detect you can…

Transform assurance with 100% coverage of customer interactions

Prioritise your team’s activity by focussing on high risk interactions

Improve insight and automated reporting across core risk categories

Transition risk monitoring live, ensuring risks are dealt with when they happen

Transform both cost and effectiveness of compliance

Build powerful insight and performance plans through our conduct and competency assessment

Why Aveni Detect?

Harnessing the next generation of

speech technology and deep learning

  • Our unique pipeline of NLP capabilities provides clear, actionable outcomes unlike other speech providers who only funnel calls.
  • Our deep learning models are trained on millions of data points and adapted specifically for the financial service  industry.
  • Achieve high quality transcription that’s fully searchable.
  • Supervised learning means every interaction leads to continuous improvement of your Aveni Detect solution. 
  • We’re enterprise ready.  We can scale with stability and speed and can integrate into a number of enterprise systems.
  • We offer multiple deployment options including bespoke build, API key or via your existing telephone/ video conferencing platform.

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