Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the process of evaluating written or spoken language to determine if the expression is positive, negative or neutral and to what extent.   Imagine you’re a detective trying to figure out how people feel about a certain topic. Sentiment analysis helps you do that by taking a look at what people are saying online, like on social media or in reviews, and trying to understand the emotions behind those words.

Sentiment analysis uses advanced computer algorithms and natural language processing techniques to understand the emotions behind words. It’s used in a variety of fields, such as marketing, customer service, and politics. It’s a powerful way to turn the noisy and unstructured text on the web into valuable insights about people’s opinions, emotions and evaluations about a certain subject.

Aveni uses this analysis to understand what the sentiment is, not only of the customer, but also of the customer service agent, during a call.  It is useful to know how the sentiment of the advisor mirrors that of a customers.  You don’t want an agent to respond in an overly positive way to a customer who is expressing very negative sentiment around some bad news for example.