Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is what it says on the tin. It analyses speech. It sounds a lot like NLP because NLP is a tool of speech analytics. It is the practice of listening to conversations and analysing the information about agent performance and customer dialogue. It does this in a number of ways… 

The most obvious way speech analytics identifies words and phrases is through positive and negative connotations. This can be determined by the emotional character of the speech i.e. is the speaker happy or anxious? 

Also, speech analytics can also identify a team’s productivity metrics during a call, this includes factors such as hold times and silences. 

All these elements combine to create an accurate summoner of a customer’s interaction. But, the great thing about using speech analytics is that it can automatically repeat this interaction for every customer. This is incredibly beneficial as it saves time churning through huge amounts of data. 

The power of speech analytics is that it grasps the information and continues to dig for more insights making it more valuable than ever before.