Realise 80% efficiency gains in your Quality Assurance process

Draw insight from up to 100% of your customer interactions.

Simplify QA complexity and boost efficiency with the latest advances in NLP and speech technology.

Quality Assurance

Company-wide QA orchestration from a single data source

Our workflows enable one transparent, consistent set of metrics to assess engagement and pass outcomes to the right teams for action. Our centralised system flags potential product development insights, customer retention issues, agent performance outcomes, high risk incidences and more – alerting the relevant teams. This orchestration activity is all driven by one data source simplifying complexity and boosting QA efficiency.  

Centralised QA system

AI-driven automation to achieve extraordinary efficiency

Aveni Detect uses AI driven automation at all stages of the QA workflow, significantly reducing the time taken to complete an assessment and ensuring that effort is spent on the highest value interactions.

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Machine assessment of up to 100% of calls

Every call put through Aveni Detect is assessed by our NLP pipeline to identify dozens of insightful metrics.

Our powerful selection algorithm automatically allocates calls to the QA team for human assessment, based on customer experience, agent performance and risk.

Aveni Detect presents all call attributes in a navigation workflow to support efficient assessment.


"6x more efficient than human assessment from day 1".

Transform the efficiency of your quality assurance process

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