Consumer Duty

Automated Consumer Duty KPI monitoring, direct from the customer voice.

Put customer outcomes at the heart of your business with automated assessment of Consumer Duty success metrics.

Consumer Duty dashboard

Powering Consumer Duty compliance with a Machine Line of Defence

Consumer Duty Management at scale

Enable business-wide Consumer Duty management. Our platform analyses every customer interaction, automatically assessing Consumer Duty KPIs at scale, providing insights into compliance, changes over time, and performance relative to peers.

Auto QA
Customer vulnerability

Changes in circumstance over time

Keep on top of ever-changing customer needs. Aveni Detect acts as your early warning system, promptly identifying where customers may benefit from extra support, whether due to advancing age, health concerns, or financial challenges. This lets you fine-tune your interactions and offer tailored assistance.

With continuous monitoring, you can refine your approach to best serve your customers’ evolving needs

Be confident about your consumers' understanding

Are your customer teams supporting understanding during conversations? Aveni Detect measures whether advisers are asking the right questions and clearly explaining terms or if clients are engaged in the conversation or not, to ensure they truly understand your product or service.

Adviser Performance Training and Competency
Complaints and Expressions of Dissatisfaction

Ensure the best consumer support

Measure accessibility, sentiment and the quality of support provided to customers as well as how their needs – especially those in vulnerable circumstances – change over time to ensure your products and services are best suited to the customer.

Executive dashboards

Intuitive executive dashboards highlight Consumer Duty KPIs, thematic insights and provide opportunities to listen to essential customer interactions. Insights are directly linked to real calls so board members can illustrate their commitment at attestation every year, with ease.

Consumer Duty reporting

Case Study:
Age Partnership

Discover how Aveni Detect is transforming the Quality Assurance monitoring capabilities of one of the UK’s leading equity release advisory firms.

Automated, data-driven assurance for comprehensive Consumer Duty management


Machine Line of Defence

Take risk oversight from 1% to 100% with automatic machine assessment of every call


Reduce costs through automation

Automatically prioritise high risk calls for human assessment and steer QA effort to Consumer Duty outcomes and areas of concern as they emerge.


Improve vulnerability identification

Our models identify potential vulnerabilities from every customer interaction, in-line with the framework set out in FG 21-1.


Drive culture change

Motivate performance that isn’t purely based on fiscal achievement, but by doing right by your customers.


Get your executive team engaged

Intuitive executive dashboards highlight Consumer Duty KPIs, thematic insights and provide opportunities to listen to essential customer interactions.


Evidence in place for the regulator

Have the data-backed evidence to provide the regulator with proof of the impact of your Consumer Duty activity.

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Auto QA

Automation at all stages of the QA workflow to ensure assessor effort is spent on the highest value interactions.

Coaching & Performance

Get the insights you need to create more engaging coaching experiences and build higher performing teams.

Customer Vulnerability

Better identify vulnerability risks and get a true understanding of vulnerable customers and their outcomes.

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