Customer Vulnerability

Better recognise, record and respond to your vulnerable customers.

Your Machine Line of Defence on every call to ensure no vulnerability is missed

Customer vulnerability

Identify and support your vulnerable customers better with AI-driven speech automation


Analyse every call

Aveni Detect monitors and analyses every call, systematically flagging any potential vulnerabilities.

Ensure no vulnerability is missed and evidence is readily available for quality assurance teams, remedial action and the regulator.

Auto QA
Customer vulnerability


Guidance embedded in platform

The FCA’s guidance on the Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers has been embedded in our platform allowing you to flag and review calls according to the FCA’s vulnerability classifications.



If a vulnerability is detected, we assign a vulnerability score and can triage the call for human assessment ensuring the highest risk cases are prioritised for review.

Assess QA Cases
Consumer Duty reporting


Understand trends

Vulnerability trends can be tracked at both an individual and population level helping you to understand how customer needs change over time.

Case Study:
Age Partnership

Discover how Aveni Detect is transforming the Quality Assurance monitoring capabilities of one of the UK’s leading equity release advisory firms.

AI to ensure a Customer Vulnerability is never missed

FCA guidance on vulnerable customer baked in

The vulnerabilities we identify match the categories advised by the FCA, so you know you are following best-practice

A solution built for your industry

You can be sure that we'll find mentions of vulnerability because our models have been trained on calls that are just like yours

Peace of mind with complete coverage

We don't just scan 100% of calls for vulnerability. We identify complaints, dissatisfactions or quality assessment questions all at once, boosting your data

Keep humans in the loop

Aveni's models learn from your assessors' actions while they work, so our models are continually improving

Automatic machine assessment

Our platform flags potential vulnerabilities and other concerns for human review, ensuring your team focuses on the most critical areas

The MI you need to take action

Our real-time vulnerable customer reporting means you can pinpoint which areas of the business could benefit from additional vulnerability training

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Auto QA

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Coaching & Performance

Get the insights you need to create more engaging coaching experiences and build higher performing teams.

Customer Vulnerability

Better identify vulnerability risks and get a true understanding of vulnerable customers and their outcomes.

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