Equity release

Boost productivity of equity release advisers and better support your vulnerable customers

Achieve complete QA coverage, help advisers be more efficient, and better recognise, record and respond to vulnerable customers.

Customer vulnerability

Unprecedented oversight and adviser productivity with the latest Generative AI assistant

Equity release companies are under increasing pressure to support clients – especially the most vulnerable – more efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest compliance standards. Aveni’s cutting-edge AI platform empowers you to automatically check documents as well as monitor and analyse every call for a range of critical risks, enabling faster remedial action and confidence in your compliance effectiveness.

Case Study:
Age Partnership

Discover how Aveni Detect is transforming the Quality Assurance monitoring capabilities of one of the UK’s leading equity release advisory firms.

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100% Compliance at a fraction of the cost with intelligent Auto QA.

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Cut admin from hours to minutes with a GPT powered assistant build for financial advisers.

They’re an exceptionally knowledgeable team with a can-do attitude which is invaluable when deploying tech solutions of this nature.

Age Partnership

Ultimately, the technology provided by Aveni Detect helps us at Age Partnership to build upon the high level of service and advice that we provide to every individual client.

David Wing, Director of Risk & Compliance, Age Partnership

Offering our clients a personalised service is a central part of our proposition. Using Aveni Detect enables us to monitor our client interactions to ensure that we are communicating with and supporting our customers effectively.

Sheriden Davy, CRO, James Sharp

Aveni’s data has really helped us get a clear picture of the vulnerabilities and dissatisfactions our agents have been encountering on calls. It has been critical in helping us to prioritise focus when it comes to honing our product proposition.

Investment Management Firm

The team at Aveni are a pleasure to work with. The enthusiasm for their software is infectious.

Key Group

Beyond efficiency, this partnership will allow us to drive greater transparency and oversight, and help us to better identify vulnerable and other high-risk customers.

Will Hale, CEO Key Group

“A QA process that used to take 90 minutes per case, now takes 15 minutes using Aveni Detect.”

Key Group
QA Manager

I have to say how impressed I am with Aveni Assist – not just the report outputs but also the CRM element and in particular the summary panel. This will be incredibly helpful for my advisers.

UK Financial Advice firm

I’m excited to explore the technology and how it can enhance our customer insight and adviser performance, whilst delivering remarkable time savings in our Quality Assurance teams.

Key Group

Working with Aveni has been a pleasure. Communication and regular meetings throughout the implementation process have been excellent and it has been easy to catch up on an ad hoc basis when required.

Age Partnership

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Aveni’s platform uses the latest in NLP to transform productivity and risk oversight.

Scale compliance at a fraction of the cost

Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes with Aveni’s AI assisitant

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Get up and running with Aveni Assist and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

Aveni Detect

Get up and running with Aveni Detect and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

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