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A new era of AI powered productivity and compliance for Financial Services

Advanced AI built for financial services so you can reach new levels of adviser efficiency, risk oversight and voice-driven automation.

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One platform. Enterprise-wide improvements

Achieve unprecedented productivity levels across your organisation using the latest in GenAI technology. From client admin and compliance to sales and coaching, we automate the tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters most: your clients.

One platform. Enterprise-wide improvements

Achieve unprecedented productivity levels across your organisation using the latest in GenAI technology. From client admin and compliance to sales and coaching, we automate the tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters most: your clients.

Cut admin from hours to minutes with automated CRM admin, client correspondence and report generation.

A Machine Line of Defence to automatically assess Consumer Duty outcomes and vulnerable customers.

Achieve total coverage and improve the efficiency of your QA processes with automation through machine assessment and automated case prioritisation.

 Analyse every call to define conversational excellence. Assess key metrics like filler words, clarity and pace for focused training.

Case Study:
Age Partnership

Discover how Aveni Detect is transforming the Quality Assurance monitoring capabilities of one of the UK’s leading equity release advisory firms.

Aveni Detect

Complete compliance coverage that scales with your business

Aveni Detect monitors and analyses every customer call, acting as a Machine Line of Defence to help you achieve total quality assurance coverage, automation, and enhanced adviser performance

Scalable compliance at a fraction of the cost

Monitor and analyse every call with a Machine Line of Defence. Aveni Detect can auto assess cases, rate, rank and prioritise them for human assessment so your teams can focus on the highest priority calls, allowing you to scale compliance with ease.

Auto QA
Consumer Duty dashboard

Track Consumer Duty performance metrics at scale

Consumer Duty requires significantly better coverage and call analysis. Aveni Detect automatically assesses Consumer Duty KPIs on each call, giving you oversight of risks and trends over time. We also provide regulator-ready dashboards with data-backed evidence to prove Consumer Duty measures are effective.

Better recognise, record and respond to vulnerable customers

We’ve embedded the FCA’s Fair Treatment of Vulnerable customers into our platform, enabling you to accurately identify vulnerable customers at scale and get a better understanding of how their needs might change over time.

Customer vulnerability
Adviser Performance Training and Competency

Boost adviser performance with enhanced insight from every call

Build higher performing teams by better understanding what excellence looks like. Get richer insights into adviser activity and enable more meaningful remedial action. Give your advisers the tools and information they need for rapid training and self-improvement.

Aveni Assist

Spend less time on admin, more time with clients

A GPT-powered assistant that accompanies you on every call. It works behind the scenes to gather information, automatically completing all your low-value admin so you can spend more time with clients.

Automatic Financial Adviser Admin

3 hours of admin in 30 minutes

Complete client admin within minutes of a call ending. Aveni Assist can generate suitability reports, auto-populate your CRM system, brief your admin assistants and create tailored customer emails. We do the heavy lifting so you can spend time with what matters most: your clients.

Elevate client experience

Focus on each clients’ needs and aspirations, not on note taking. Aveni Assist allows advisers to be fully engaged with their clients, working to achieve best possible outcomes.

Improve customer experience
Generative AI Traceability

Fully traceable and transparent

Understand where Aveni Assist information has come from with transparent and direct referencing back to the original call transcript.

The team at Aveni are a pleasure to work with. The enthusiasm for their software is infectious.

Key Group

I have to say how impressed I am with Aveni Assist – not just the report outputs but also the CRM element and in particular the summary panel. This will be incredibly helpful for my advisers.

UK Financial Advice firm

They’re an exceptionally knowledgeable team with a can-do attitude which is invaluable when deploying tech solutions of this nature.

Age Partnership

Your AI partner for voice-driven productivity and compliance


AI designed for the UK Equity Release market

Unlike generic GenAI solutions, Aveni’s platform has been designed for the Financial Services market, trained on FS data and purpose built to accelerate the workflows of your business.


World-leading NLP expertise

Our team of scientists and engineers are regarded as world-leading NLP experts and are consistently ranked in the top 100 NLP Engineers globally.


A unique blend of NLP expertise and FS experience

We've decades of experience in financial services. We understand the challenges inherent in these businesses and target our solutions to solve them.


Human+ approach

We use AI to enable your people to perform better, not replace them, That means automating low value tasks and focusing on high value activity.


Security is our priority

Data security is at the heart of our business operation. We’re trusted with the data of some of the largest firms in the UK and dedicated to upholding uncompromising data security practices.


Trust us to get it done

We’re trusted by leading organisations across the financial services industry, helping them achieve new levels of efficiency through our core products Aveni Detect and Aveni Assist.

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Aveni’s platform uses the latest in NLP to transform productivity and risk oversight.

Scale compliance at a fraction of the cost

Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes with Aveni’s AI assisitant

Aveni Assist

Get up and running with Aveni Assist and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

Aveni Detect

Get up and running with Aveni Detect and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

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