QA Assessor

Complete assessments faster on calls that matter most

Focus assessor time on the highest risk cases. Automate document check and assessment processes to boost productivity of your QA teams.

Customer vulnerability

6x faster QA assessment


Focus assessor effort on only the highest risk cases


Auto-QA of 100% of calls

10 reasons why your QA process is letting you down and how to fix them.

Make QA processes more meaningful and effective

Use the latest in QA productivity tooling to streamline assessment for your teams.

Focus assessor time on the highest risk cases

Put an end to random sampling with a Machine Line of Defence. Automatic machine assessment of every call means we can identify risks and prioritise the most important cases for human review.

Complaints and Expressions of Dissatisfaction
Auto QA

Auto QA for greater efficiency

Embed your company’s QA forms into our platform and automate the QA process whilst keeping human assessors in the loop. Complete case reviews in a fraction of the time and maximise the efficiency of your QA teams.

Eliminate slow, manual document review

Aveni Docs, a key component of Aveni Detect, transforms the way you ensure compliance and accuracy in financial advice documents. With AI-powered automation, Aveni Docs streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and resources.

Aveni Docs
Searchable transcript

Quickly pinpoint the most important parts of the call

Our intuitive interface and searchable transcripts allow assessors to quickly and easily locate the exact part of the call they need to complete their review.

Be confident that no vulnerable customer falls through the gaps

The FCA’s Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers guidance is embedded in our platform. Be assured that our comprehensive machine assessment of every call means no vulnerability is missed.

Customer vulnerability
Flags by adviser

Actionable outcomes for more informed business decisions​

Ensure assessments result in remedial actions that you can track through to completion and surface the insights your business needs to make better decisions.

“A QA process that used to take 90 minutes per case, now takes 15 minutes using Aveni Detect.”

Key Group
QA Manager

Offering our clients a personalised service is a central part of our proposition. Using Aveni Detect enables us to monitor our client interactions to ensure that we are communicating with and supporting our customers effectively.

Sheriden Davy, CRO, James Sharp

Ultimately, the technology provided by Aveni Detect helps us at Age Partnership to build upon the high level of service and advice that we provide to every individual client.

David Wing, Director of Risk & Compliance, Age Partnership

I’m excited to explore the technology and how it can enhance our customer insight and adviser performance, whilst delivering remarkable time savings in our Quality Assurance teams.

Key Group

Working with Aveni has been a pleasure. Communication and regular meetings throughout the implementation process have been excellent and it has been easy to catch up on an ad hoc basis when required.

Age Partnership

Beyond efficiency, this partnership will allow us to drive greater transparency and oversight, and help us to better identify vulnerable and other high-risk customers.

Will Hale, CEO Key Group

Advanced AI productivity tooling built specifically for Quality Assurance teams


AI designed for the UK Financial Services industry

Unlike generic GenAI solutions, Aveni’s platform has been designed for financial services trained on FS data and purpose built to accelerate the workflows of your business.


World-leading NLP expertise

Our team of scientists and engineers are regarded as world-leading NLP experts and are consistently ranked in the top 100 NLP Engineers globally.


A unique blend of NLP expertise and FS experience

We've decades of experience in financial services. We understand the challenges inherent in these businesses and target our solutions to solve them.


Human+ approach

We understand the value of human relationships in FS. Our objective is to protect that by automating low value tasks and augmenting high value activity.


Security is our priority

Data security is at the heart of our business operation. We’re trusted with the data of some of the largest firms in the UK and dedicated to upholding uncompromising data security practices.


Trust us to get it done

We’re trusted by leading organisations across the financial services industry, helping them achieve new levels of efficiency through our core products Aveni Detect and Aveni Assist.

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Improve the way you work across different job roles

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Risk & Compliance Management

Achieve 100% coverage at a lower cost with a Machine Line of Defence

Financial Adviser

Cut client admin from hours to minutes with an AI assistant built specifically for adviser workflows.

Adviser Manager

Get the insights you need to create more engaging coaching experiences and build higher performing teams.

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Aveni’s platform uses the latest in NLP to transform productivity and risk oversight.

Scale compliance at a fraction of the cost

Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes with Aveni’s AI assisitant

Aveni Assist

Get up and running with Aveni Assist and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

Aveni Detect

Get up and running with Aveni Detect and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

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