The big fat Aveni reunion!

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byHayfa Bukhari

Working remotely comes with so many positives, but sometimes, you need a change from working by yourself all day and having such easy access to the fridge and all the calories that lie within. At Aveni, we’re spread across the UK and are currently remote-first, so we plan an Aveni get-together every few months to take a break, have fun and celebrate achievements within the company.

So much has changed since the last gathering! The team has gotten bigger, we’ve made some significant developments to our platform, secured funding, and we’re working with some of the biggest brands in the financial services and utility industries…

Spending time together as a team gives us a valuable opportunity to listen to updates from the various teams within Aveni; the opportunities and challenges they face, progress made, and their plans for the next 6 months.  Once the serious stuff is out the way through, it’s time to celebrate! We have so much to be proud of, as we’ve come such a long way since we started back in 2018. Enjoy this little look into what went on and some fun insights into our amazing team members!

Demonstrating their dedication to the company with some Aveni tattoos…;)

(Hayfa, Hakim, and Piers, rocking the look)

The morning kicked off with each team explaining what they’d be working on in the next 6 months. This included reviewing goals set by the sales team, presenting new features of our Aveni Detect platform, and discussing strategies for building our brand awareness.  

Next, we had a delicious lunch followed by the marshmallow challenge to test our team’s engineering and teamwork skills. We split up into small groups to build the tallest structure using just 1 marshmallow, string, and some spaghetti! It really bought out the creative (and competitive) side of a few people we shall not name!

(we see you Ryan and Ziga trying to cheat :P ) 

After that, we had a second round of presentations, summarised the key points for the day, and headed off for a game of crazy golf. Everyone enjoyed the game, and some really got into the swing of things! :P While some of us took a punt and hoped for the best, others like Phil demonstrated they could have a successful career in golf if Aveni didn’t work out for him!

After golf, we headed to Spaces, our office at Fountain Park where Lam, from Ikigai Soul Food and her team, hosted an incredible dinner. We spent the rest of the evening eating delicious food, drinking and playing games! 

The day wouldn’t have been complete without a pub quiz where we tested our knowledge about food, technology, and our colleagues. Between you and me, Ryan’s best drink is rum and Joseph’s dream vacation destination is Barrier Reef.  “Good Stuff” might have won the pop quiz, but we all live to fight another day! :P

We also had great non-work-related conversions, and it was such a delight to meet our new team members in person. I couldn’t have guessed Chisimdi is so tall! It was so much fun having the team together once again, and we look forward to another off-site in the near future! 

To see more of what we get up to at Aveni, check out our Instagram page @avenilife.

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