How Your Business Can Prepare for the FCA’s New Consumer Duty of Care Proposals

If you’re struggling to understand how to show regulators that your business is compliant following the FCA’s recent Consumer Duty of Care proposals, you’re absolutely not the only one.    Aimed at bringing in a higher standard of consumer protection in retail financial markets, the proposals are considered one of the biggest shake-ups in the […]

8 ways NLP can help to deal with a vulnerable customer

In this digital age, technology is making our lives easier in many ways, from asking Alexa to add milk to your shopping list, Netflix suggesting a new show it thinks you’ll love and even self-driving cars.  Technology in the workplace has made employees more productive than ever before by streamlining tedious processes, making working from […]

Customer Vulnerability and the Utilities Industry 2021

In this blog, we take a look at customer vulnerability in the Utility Industry 2021. We give insight into the current landscape, what the challenges are and where we see things heading in the next few months…   According to Energy UK, around £13 billion is invested every year to deliver power and energy to […]

Does technology safeguard or exploit vulnerable customers?

We’ve become increasingly dependent on technologies such as mobile phones, computers, and game consoles to get through our day-to-day lives and for many, living without these would be unmanageable. On average, adults spent 6 hours and 25 minutes on phones, watching TV and using computers/laptops in a day, resulting in 45 hours (about 2 days) […]

5 ways to turn risk and compliance from a cost to a value add

  Viewing risk and compliance functions as hindrances is a common and, some would argue, valid interpretation.  More nuanced, is the interpretation that risk-management and compliance are hurdles that help to keep the industry healthy.  But here at Aveni, we think it can be even more than that – an opportunity to use risk and […]