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Aveni’s top 5 financial services podcasts for your 2024 listening pleasure

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Nothing gets us through the day better than a podcast. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top 5 financial services podcasts to add to your playlist for 2024.


Whether it’s keeping us company on the commute to work, accompanying us on a coffee break, or powering us through the afternoon lulls, podcasts break down what can often been seen as boring or hard-to-digest topics into essential listening.


We can’t deny that the fintech revolution continues to disrupt traditional financial services at a rapid pace, so keeping up with the latest trends, innovations, and news is essential.


Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or keen startup founder, these podcasts deliver the cutting-edge insights you need to stay competitive and informed. From banking to innovation, investing to regulation, these podcast picks span the breadth of the financial services landscape.


In no particular order, here we go!


Fintech Insider

First up is Fintech Insider by 11:FS. This bi-weekly podcast features discussions and debates about key developments in, you guessed it, fintech. Bringing their own industry knowledge, as well as expertise from journalists, bankers, and financial services decision makers, you can listen to this podcast every Monday and Friday.


Fintech Corner

Fintech Corner started in January of this year and looks to bridge the gap between bankers, fintech innovators, and their clients with this weekly podcast. Dropping every Thursday, it focuses on topics and trends across the finance sector, with easy references such as the Avengers’ Tony Stark, making it an accessible podcast for everyone, whether you’re new to, or an old hat in, the industry.


Masters in Business

Masters in Business by Bloomberg is hosted by Barry Ritholtz as he interviews thought leaders from the finance industry. This is an incredibly insightful podcast, with a broad range of topics across financial services.


Ritholtz has been the founder and CIO of his own wealth management company since 2013, and wrote the “Investment Book of the Year” Bailout Nation in 2009. It’s clear from listening that he continues to bring his expertise and groundbreaking conversations to his podcast.


What the Fintech?

From Fintech Futures comes What the Fintech? This podcast brings together industry experts to discuss everything from open banking to regulations, artificial intelligence to the cost of living crisis.


Its yearly round up and lists of banned buzzwords add comedy and self-reflection to the podcast that we really enjoy.


Planet Money

Last but not least, our final top 5 financial services podcast is Planet Money. Though Planet Money covers a broad range of topics relating to business and finance, its entertaining and thought-provoking content makes it an easy and enjoyable listen.


Its breadth of topics and how they relate to finance remind us of why the industry is currently in a position rife with innovation and disruption. It encourages us to think outside of the box, and their supporting show, The Indicator, offers more digestible insights in ten minute episodes.


Honourable mention goes to…

Of course we weren’t going to make a list of the best podcasts for financial services and not include our own.


Join Joseph Twigg, our CEO, alongside industry experts as they dissect the latest news and trends in the world of artificial intelligence and financial services with AI’ll Take Your Job.


It’s also worth noting that the Financial Conduct Authority hosts a podcast called Inside FCA, offering insights into important regulation updates and how to serve the FS industry. This podcast is updated a little more infrequently and irregularly than some of the others, but is well worth listening to!


And don’t forget…

You can bookmark this guide for whenever you have some downtime in 2024 and need something new, informative, or entertaining to listen to!

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