Risk & Compliance Management

Total compliance coverage that's scalable and affordable

Advanced AI to maximise risk oversight and boost compliance teams’ efficiency.

Auto QA

Scale risk oversight cost-effectively


Put an end to random sampling


Maximise productivity with AI-driven automation

Complete risk oversight with a Machine Line of Defence

Aveni auto-checks documents and monitors and analyses every call for risks that matter to you. From automated QA assessments and case prioritisation to Consumer Duty management and enhanced reporting, we enable scalable compliance at lower cost.


How does your Consumer Duty activity stack up against your peers?

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Elevate your compliance game

Use a Machine Line of Defence to auto-check documents and systematically monitor every call for potential risks, such as complaints, vulnerabilities and conduct issues. Speed up your case reviews with our automated machine assessment, which intelligently triages the riskiest calls for priority human review.

Auto QA
Customer vulnerability

Make sure no vulnerable customer slips through the cracks

The FCA’s Fair Treatment of Vulnerable customers is embedded into our platform, enabling you to accurately identify vulnerable customers at scale and get a better understanding of how their needs might change over time.

Track Consumer Duty performance metrics at scale

Automatically assess Consumer Duty KPIs on each call, giving you oversight of risks and trends over time. We also provide regulator-ready dashboards with data-backed evidence to prove Consumer Duty measures are effective.

Consumer Duty dashboard
Assess QA Cases

Efficiency = Scalability

Reach new levels of efficiency with voice-driven automation so you can scale your compliance function whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Working with Aveni has been a pleasure. Communication and regular meetings throughout the implementation process have been excellent and it has been easy to catch up on an ad hoc basis when required.

Age Partnership

I’m excited to explore the technology and how it can enhance our customer insight and adviser performance, whilst delivering remarkable time savings in our Quality Assurance teams.

Key Group

Offering our clients a personalised service is a central part of our proposition. Using Aveni Detect enables us to monitor our client interactions to ensure that we are communicating with and supporting our customers effectively.

Sheriden Davy, CRO, James Sharp

“A QA process that used to take 90 minutes per case, now takes 15 minutes using Aveni Detect.”

Key Group
QA Manager

Beyond efficiency, this partnership will allow us to drive greater transparency and oversight, and help us to better identify vulnerable and other high-risk customers.

Will Hale, CEO Key Group

Ultimately, the technology provided by Aveni Detect helps us at Age Partnership to build upon the high level of service and advice that we provide to every individual client.

David Wing, Director of Risk & Compliance, Age Partnership

Scalable and effective compliance that won't break the bank

Maximum coverage at minimum cost

Get complete risk oversight without the additional head count with AI productivity tooling that grows with your business.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Automatically machine assess each call using your company's terminology and QA forms for greater efficiency.

End random sampling

Focus adviser attention on the highest priority calls based on risks detected and cases that failed machine assessment.

Take faster remedial action

Flag vulnerability, complaint and conducts risks immediately, allowing you to address them before they escalate.

The MI you need at your fingertips

Get the management information you need to take action including QA outcomes, adviser performance, and complaints and vulnerability trends.

Data-backed evidence in place for the regulator

Meet tightening Consumer Duty requirements with data-driven assurance that prove the impact of your actions.

Let us show you around

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Improve the way you work across different job roles

Let us show you how we can drive productivity across different areas of your company:

QA Assessor

Streamline assessment and get rid of random sampling, focussing only on the highest risk calls.

Financial Adviser

Cut client admin from hours to minutes with an AI assistant built specifically for adviser workflows.

Adviser Manager

Get the insights you need to create more engaging coaching experiences and build higher performing teams.

More insights from Aveni

Aveni’s platform uses the latest in NLP to transform productivity and risk oversight.

Scale compliance at a fraction of the cost

Cut financial advice admin from hours to minutes with Aveni’s AI assisitant

Aveni Assist

Get up and running with Aveni Assist and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

Aveni Detect

Get up and running with Aveni Detect and how it can help transform productivity and compliance. 

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